Dirty Jobs Dog Waste Removal

Welcome to the Central Coast’s premier pet waste removal company. Our team of skilled waste removal technicians carefully comb your property, locate any and all waste, and thoroughly remove it from the premises.

What we do – We do Doo-Doo

Whatever the size of the job, we’ll do it respectfully and professionally. As dog lovers ourselves, we love being around pets and will ensure their safety through keeping the gates shut. We’ll handle the cleaning and the disposal of waste – and if you have any special requirements, we’ll take care of that too. We care about our work, and we reflect this in the pride we take in delivering the best service possible…

Because you and your dog deserve the best.

Our Services

Dog Waste Removal in Arroyo Grande, Ca

Dog Waste Removal


Our most popular weekly service includes up to three dogs and a normal-sized yard. $4 per additional dog.

odor control for dog urine

Odor Control

Up to four applications

This essential add-on service controls the odors left behind by your furry friend. We use the Wysiwash Sanitizing System that kills viruses and bacteria, deodorizes, and neutralizes mold all in one step.

odor control for dog urine

Bucket Service

$8/week per bucket

Dog waste and cat litter removal. We provide the bucket, you fill it up, we dispose.

Premium Services At Your Fingertips!

We know you adore your dog.

We also know you prefer your house looking clean and tidy, but sometimes it can be hard to keep up with our furry friends and our busy lifestyle all at once.

They bring us so much love and joy. How can we not love them back?

But… they also bring us a lot of poop. And it can pile up quickly!

We specialize in cleaning your yard for you, and removing all of your furry loved one’s waste, so you can spend more time enjoying their company in your cleaner-than-ever yard.

How it Works


The first step is to contact us to discuss you and your pets needs. We will go over our services and how frequently it’s needed.


The second step is to schedule our first visit so we can see the area that we will be servicing and meet your four-legged friend!


The third step is our first visit to perform the service. Now is the time to sit back and relax knowing your yard is kept doody free!

Why Us?

Dirty Jobs Dog Waste Removal is a residential pet waste management company serving San Luis Obispo and northern Santa Barbra counties. We specialize in weekly pooper scooper service for your home. Signing up for weekly service is quick and easy. Give us a call and we will get you on our schedule.

Maintaining a clean yard is important not only for you but also for the health of your pet. Many parasites can be spread through pet waste. Dog waste is not a fertilizer, it can be harmful and dangerous for you and your pet.






100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Current Special

First Time Cleanup

Got a big mess? Big messes are our specialty. $60 for up to 5 gallons of waste removal. Got more than 5 gallons of waste on the lawn? No problem! Add $25 per each additional 5 gallons.

Who We Are

We all know the dog won’t clean up after themselves, but we forgive them because they are so adorable. That’s where we step in. We are a yard cleaning service, and we specialize in cleaning up your dog’s waste, so you won’t have to!

We combine our passion for yard cleaning with our love of dogs.

Our service caters to those in need of special assistance, the elderly, or for those who are just flat out busy. Whatever your needs, we aim to have your yard looking clean and poop-free. There’s no job too big or small because when it comes to your furry best friend, we believe in looking after them as much as you do.

Dog Owner Reviews

“Greg is amazing! We had a very difficult yard and he tackled it like a champ! It's seriously like having a whole new yard to enjoy. Professional, prompt and efficient, I highly recommend giving him a call! Thank you!!”

- Siobhan

“Greg did such a wonderful job. He went through and was so detailed to make sure all the poop was picked up. Totally recommend for that dirty dreaded job so we can now enjoy our yard again.”

- Chotinan

“Greg is awesome he did such a great job. I had him do some landscaping. He certainly holds his work to a high standard and is very professional. My yard looks amazing!”

- Brad

“Definitely worth the cost (which is quite reasonable). Greg is super thorough, does great work. Nice guy and easy to work with!”

- Shawn