We know that no matter how much you love your pet(s), the last thing you want to do is clean up their waste. We also understand that you may not have the time needed to regularly do so or the mobility required for such repetitive movements. It’s safe to say that you love your animals and want them to have a clean environment, and we do too!

before and after dog waste removal

Dog Waste Removal

Our most popular weekly service includes up to two and a normal-sized yard. $4 per each additional dog.


Odor Control

This essential add-on service controls the odors left behind by your furry friend.  We use the Wysiwash Sanitizing System that kills viruses and bacteria, deodorizes, and neutralizes mold all in one step.  

$40/Month up to four applications.

Overgrown Yard Cleanup

Having an overgrown yard can make it difficult to find the dog poop. We provide mowing, weed eating, and edging.

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Many of our satisfied clients include:

  • Busy professionals who never seem to find the time.
  • Parents whose hands always seem to be full.
  • Service-dog owners that may lack a full range of motion.
  • Elderly who may not have the same mobility they once did.
  • People who simply just don’t want to clean up dog poop, especially when we will come over and do it for you!

For Your Home

One of our professionals will come to your home on a predetermined service day. We can even stop by while you’re at work, running errands, or out of town. Your yard will carefully be walked to ensure that every piece of waste is removed and properly disposed of.

We understand that cross-contamination can be a big issue as many common maladies are spread through dogs’ waste. We make sure to properly clean and sterilize our tools before and after each visit to ensure no cross-contamination occurs.

Commercial Clients

We also offer services for commercial clients that own or operate properties with community areas. Some of the commercial areas we serve include:

  • Apartment Complexes
  • Pet-Friendly Hotels
  • HOAs & Neighborhood Parks
  • Community Parks & Recreational Areas
  • Industry Professionals: Dog Grooming Salons, Veterinarian’s Offices, Doggy Daycares & Boarding Facilities.

Contact us today for special pricing customized to your specific commercial needs